Employment Opportunities

CASL Marketing Intern: CASL is looking for a 2015 Spring Marketing Intern. Please review the job description here and email stacy.dally@caslnc.com your resume. 

CASL Coaching Positions: Interested in coaching youth soccer? If yes, please email Director of Soccer Programs, Paul Forster.

Open Board of Directors Positions at CASL: Director - Recreation Division - Click Here for a full job description and expectations
Requirements:  Must be a member of CASL in good standing and have a child playing in the Recreation Division at CASL. 
Purpose: The Director of the Recreation Division is responsible for: 

 1.       Keeping the Board fully apprised of the needs, problems, and concerns of CASL members playing in the Recreation Division.
 2.       Serving as a liaison for the Board with all Recreation Division members.
 3.       Representing the interests of CASL as a whole and will give the interests of CASL as an organization higher priority than the interests of the playing division they represent.