Employment Opportunities

Marketing Intern: CASL is looking for an intern for 2014 summer. This position is filled by a student who has a strong desire to work in the sport industry upon graduation. Ideal candidates will have a willingness to work hard, an outgoing personality, must be able to take initiative and work some nights and weekends. Click here for a full job description and expectations.

  • Update and maintain the CASL website
  • Create and execute social media campaigns
  • Design promotional graphics used for social media and website
  • Assist with promotional efforts including print, digital, social and grassroots marketing campaigns
  • Assist planning and implementation of Friendship Cup and other special events
  • Execute and assist with fundraising events and initiatives
  • Other duties as assigned

Position starts mid-May. For immediate consideration please send a resume and cover letter to Stacy Dally at stacy.dally@CASLnc.com


"My 2014 fall internship at CASL provided me with valuable hands-on experience in the marketing and communications field. Each day brought different circumstances and I had the opportunity to make decisions on my own and learn from both my successes and my failures. I was provided with the opportunity to continue with CASL in a part-time position following the end of my internship to complete my work with them. The internship was a worthwhile experience and I feel that is has prepared me well for my professional career."
- Chelsey Stark (Elon University '15, Journalism)

"My internship at CASL was an invaluable experience. CASL truly listened to what I wanted out of the internship, providing me with projects and work in areas that interested me, but did not restrict me to solely one type of work. A unique part of interning with CASL was the level of responsibility I had in my work. For several of the projects I worked on, I took up a lead role and felt like I was legitimately contributing to the club, honing my professional skills in the process. I would recommend all students interested in working in sport to consider an internship with CASL!”
- Kieran Downey, (NC State ’14, Sport Management)

CASL Coaching Positions (Ongoing): Interested in coaching youth soccer? If yes, please email Director of Soccer Programs, Paul Forster.

Open Board of Directors Positions at CASL: Director - Recreation Division - Click Here for a full job description and expectations
Requirements:  Must be a member of CASL in good standing and have a child playing in the Recreation Division at CASL. 
Purpose: The Director of the Recreation Division is responsible for: 

 1.       Keeping the Board fully apprised of the needs, problems, and concerns of CASL members playing in the Recreation Division.
 2.       Serving as a liaison for the Board with all Recreation Division members.
 3.       Representing the interests of CASL as a whole and will give the interests of CASL as an organization higher priority than the interests of the playing
   division they represent.