Office and Soccer Staff

CASL Staff

Staff Bios

Chief Executive Officer

Gary Buete (bio)

(919) 834-9899



Director of Soccer

Director of Finance

Business Development

Director of Operations 

Paul Forster (bio)

(919) 532-2021

Liane Barber (bio)

(919) 755-6296

Katharine Eberhardt (bio)

(919) 341-4553

Bob Harris (bio)

(919) 673-3175




Elite Program Director

Director of Player Development

Technical Director

John Bradford (bio)

(919) 834-3951 x 126

Sean Nahas (bio)

(919) 532-2014

Damon Nahas (bio)

(919) 834-3951 x 104


Accounting Manager

Financial Administrator

Marketing & Promotions

Office Adminstrator
Administrative Asst. for Playing Divisons

Brieanna Myers



Becky Jordan (bio)

(919) 341-4552

Stacy Dally (bio)

(919) 341-4560

Fran Ange (bio)

(919) 834-3951 x 100


CASL South Director

CASL Southwest Area Director

Jason "Buddha" Keyes (bio)

Tommy Faulkner (bio)




Classic Division Operations Director

CASL Head Administrator
Classic & US Club

Jim Wright (bio)

(919) 532-2019

Jean Hogshead (bio)

(919) 834-3951 x 118


U15-U18 Girls Classic Director

U12-U14 Girls Classic Director

CAYA & U11 Girls Classic Director

Kacey Burke(bio)


Andy Tait (bio)

(919) 532-2018


U15-U18 Boys Classic Director

U12-U14 Boys Classic Director

U11 Boys Classic Director

Dan Popik (bio)


Greg Shields (bio)



Tim Evans

(919) 410-0590


CAYA Boys North Director

Tim Evans (bio)

(919) 341-4564




Director of Challenge

Asst. Challenge Administrator

Asst. Challenge Administrator

Bryan Farnsworth (bio)

(919) 341-4569

Taylor Brown (bio)


Patty Scharville (bio)

(919) 834-3951 x 122




Director of Recreation
(Wake Forest, Cary, Garner)

Recreation Assistant Director
(Cary & Garner)

Recreation Administrator

Brett Malone (bio)

(919) 834-3951 x 120

David Rodriguez (bio)


Lorraine Qualle (bio)

(919) 834-3951 x 208




Director of Goalkeeping

Matt Brown (bio)

(919) 341-4563


Peak Performance


Director of Peak Performance

Assistant Director of
Peak Performance

Richard Huxford (bio)

Michelle Mudge (bio)


Athletic Training


Head Athletic Trainer

Jason Bailey


Tournaments and Events


Tournament Director &
Event Manager

Scheduling Manager &
Assistant Tournament Director

Referee Assignor

Park Rangers

Bill Hanckel (bio)

(919) 341-4551

Vicki Rohde (bio)

(919) 341-4555

Ralph Jordan (bio)

(919) 761-4135