Challenge Coaching Application 2015-2016 Season

What is the Challenge Division: The goal of the CASL Challenge Division is to provide an environment in which the level of competition, commitment, and player development falls between that of Recreation and Classic Divisions. All Challenge coaches are volunteers and have a responsibility to develop the soccer skills and team play of their players with an ultimate goal of preparing those players for Classic level Soccer.

Please complete this form and submit for review.


Please describe all of your previous playing experience from youth, high school, college, amateur, and professional. Include names of school or club, location, and number of years played.
Please describe your current and previous coaching experience. Include the name of your current team/age group and previous recreation/challenge/classic coaching experience. Include any appropriate school names, clubs, and number of years.
Note: all challenge coaches are required to possess or obtain a USSF D, NSCAA Junior Level VI or approved equivalent coaching license within 6 months of appointment. Please mail a copy of your current license to
Please provide the name, phone number, and soccer title of up to two soccer references.