General Field Information


First of all, to all of our veteran and new coaches, we thank you for your commitment to our youth, sport and organization.  You are the backbone to CASL and we truly appreciate your efforts.  We also thank you for your patience as our office and maintenance staff prepares for our upcoming season.

As in prior seasons, we would like to communicate weather, practice, game and location information.  Please make sure you forward/share this with your team members.


We post field and weather conditions via the CASL Weather Hotline and the weather widget.  As safe playing conditions are at our complete interest, we try and make the best choice possible.  However, as we are a county wide organization that relies on many municipalities and other groups for field space, we don't always control the opening and closings of these facilities.  We ask that if a field is closed, do not go to that or any other field that might be open.  CASL is constantly working on keeping good relationships with these groups, please don't jeopardize these contracts.  The CASL Weather Hotline number is 919.248.9516.  It is usually updated by 2pm during the week and by 6:30am on the weekends during the playing seasons.  The weather widget is a tool to automatically send messages via email and twitter when there is relevant weather/field information.

30/30 RULE:

If the fields are open and inclement weather approaches, please use the 30/30 rule before returning to the field.  "If lightning is spotted and thunder is heard within 30 seconds, please stay off the field for 30 minutes of the last occurrence."


- Know your field location BEFORE arriving to the park.  Maps to all of our fields are located at
- Give yourself plenty of time and arrive to your game EARLY.  Most parks will be full with our youth; please don't rush to get to your field.  Ensure the safety of our players!
- Review the rules for your division and age at  These will also detail jersey, home/away conflicts, and jewelry information (like no earrings).
- All U9 teams and up MUST have rosters and match reports.
-Any seasonal game opening weekend always creates jitters for players, coaches, families and officials.  Please be patient....


- Share the space and goals!  As some locations have 3 and 4 teams per field, we ask you use responsible ADULT behavior during practice/games.  EVERY field could potentially have more than 2 teams.  No team will have an entire practice field to themselves unless no other team is scheduled on that field/time/day of week.
- Please bring your practice card at all times!  If there are unauthorized CASL teams, please make sure you contact us.  If there are other unauthorized users, please ask politely for them to leave.  If they refuse, most municipality owned fields recommend you call local law enforcement.  If you are uncomfortable with this option, please let us know.
- Time slotting:  If you are on a field that has time slotted practices, please ensure early slot users are done by 5:55pm and late slot users don't go on the field until 6pm.   


- WakeMed Soccer Park:  Our rentals begin only 30 minutes prior to the first kickoff.  If you are the first teams of the day, please don't go on the field early.
- Triangle Town Center Commons Field:   With the addition of lights, 6pm practices do not need to start early.  Please familiarize yourself with the bathroom locations next to Moes.  Also NO CHAIRS on the playing surface.  Spectators should be outside of the fence line.
- Prestonwood:  **Late practice slots begin @ 6:15** This is a change from last season.
-WRAL Soccer Center:  Please allow more time to arrive and depart from the facility.  As a general rule, if you are on a field with lettering (A,B,C, etc.), Field 'A' will be the first field with the flow of traffic.  Fields will be marked either on the field or with a poster board sign.  Fairway/Newcomb/Harris Teeter PRACTICE users:  Please click HERE for your practice field maps
-Davis Drive Park:  Bathrooms are under repair due to vandalism.  The town is working as quickly as possible to rectify.
-Southside Soccer Park Practice Users:  Please make sure you contact myself for the latest combination information for the gates.

CASL's Official Health Partner, WakeMed Health and Hospitals, offers exceptional emergency and urgent care at many convenient facilities located near CASL practice and game facilities. Click Here to see a map and addresses to these locations.

CASL's Official Orthopaedic Sponsor, Orthopaedic Specialists of NC, provides orthopaedic urgent care 9am-9pm every day. Call 919-562-9410.

And as always, enjoy yourself and the game; be courteous and respectful to your opponent and game officials; and remember:  'ITS JUST A GAME'

Good luck with your season,
Vicki Rohde
Field Scheduling Manager