Weather Information

CASL offers a variety of resources to CASL families to make sure they have the latest information on weather updates and policies.

Field and weather conditions are updated through CASL's Weather Hotline, the WRAL Weather Widget, CASL's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

CASL relies on many municipalities and other groups for field space, so sometimes field closings are out of control.  For this reason, some fields may be open while others may be closed.  Please do not use fields that are closed.

CASL follows the NCYSA Lightning policy: If the fields are open and inclement weather approaches, get off the field. If you see lightning, clear the field. If you hear thunder, clear the field. Play will be halted for a minimum of 30 minutes. If no lightning is spotted during the 30 minutes and/or thunder is heard, play will resume. If lightning is seen and/or thunder is heard during the 30 minute period, the waiting clock starts over. No play will resume until a minimum of 30 minutes passes with no thunder and/or no lightning. 

The CASL Widget can be particularly helpful to parents on inclement weather days. You can now sign up for 'CASL Alerts' which will send you and email when we have field closing information.  This will be done on both practice and game days and WILL ONLY BE USED FOR FIELD CLOSINGS.  We hope you will sign up for this feature which will keep you in the know on time sensitive information.  Please visit and look for the CASL widget on the right side of the page.  Click on CASL Alerts and provide the needed information to set up your alerts.  CASL thanks

CASL's Facebook and Twitter accounts are a great way to not only stay in the loop about weather but also receive updates on the latest CASL information.  Follow us today to get information fast from CASL!